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Unchaining Civic Leaders

With the country’s best civic leaders hosted by Duncan Bhaskaran Brown


We’re kicking of the conference with an interactive panel discussion. You can ask your questions to the cream of the civic crop. It’s your chance to find out what makes them 21st century civic leaders. Unsurpassed, unforgettable, unchained.

Getting your voice heard

Steve Bustin – Public Speaking Expert


Do you want to make the most of your speeches? Do you dread being asked to say a few words? Steve Bustin can help, he’s got some great tips on banishing nerves, organising your speech and delivering a knock out performance.

Overcoming the crisis

Wayne Trakas-Lawlor – Former Mayor of Croydon


It’s been a tough year for our communities. Wayne understands, he coped with the Croydon tram derailment while he was mayor. He shares how he managed and what you can do to prepare. He also shares some lighter moments.

Using video to shine online

Anne-Marie Lategan – Social Media Guru


Do you want to make a splash on social media? Anne-Marie is here to show you how. She’ll tell you that video is easier and more effective than you think. It’s time to make the most of video and make the most of your online presence.

Mayor of the whole community

Jane Rutter – Former Mayor of Winchester


It is easy to think about the stunts that Jane did when she was mayor, wing walking and the like, but she managed much more besides. She shares how she met the challenge of being mayor of a large, diverse area.

Taking pride

Carl Austin-Behan – Former Lord Mayor of Manchester


If you haven’t seen Carl’s pink robes you’ve missed out. Yet there is so much more to Carl than that. An engaging guy with a flair for social media, he’s got pride in his city and pride in the work he’s done to help it.

Present yourself in the media

Alastair Greener – Media specialist


Are you nervous about appearing in the media? Do you wonder how to make the most of these opportunities? Having been on both ends of an interview Alastair can help you shine in the media spotlight.

Collaborate with your community

Jennifer Glover – Local Government Information Unit

Do you want your council and your community to be better connected? Jennifer spent a year investigating how community collaboration works. She shares what can help civic leaders collaborate with the people.

Mayor second time around

Lynne Sparks – Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield

Many civic leaders realise what they need to do when they stand down. Lynne’s on her second go so she can help you with social media and being the face of your council. Don’t learn it the hard way, learn from Lynne.

Leading with Gravitas

Antoinette Dale Henderson – Leadership authority

Do you want to light up a room just by walking through the door? Antoinette will show you how gravitas works and offer you some solid advice on how you can develop the authority you need to wear such a heavy chain.

Listening to Glastonbury

Jon Cousins – Former Mayor of Glastonbury

To represent your community, you need to understand not just its history but where it is today. Jon understands Glastonbury and that helped him achieve some surprising things. Your community has the answers, you just need to listen.

Chair better meetings

Linda Aspey – Top executive coach

Are you nervous about chairing full council meetings? Would you like to chair more productive meetings? Then meet Linda and the thinking environment. Her fresh take will help you get the most out of your meetings.

Being a progressive mayor

Svante Myrick – Mayor of Ithaca

An amazing closing session with one of the rising stars of American politics. Mayor Myrick shares his remarkable story. We discussed the amazing gesture he made to his town. How American mayors are dealing with crises. How he listens to his community and how you can help him.

Includes the draw for the raffle!

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Mayor Myrick photo by HoJfellas